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A:Happy means lớn be in a good mood. Distracted means you are unfocused, cùng are paying attention khổng lồ something else.

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A:It means lớn take the focus off of something. For example: “you distracted me with cookies while you mix up the party” or something lượt thích that ????A:“Stop distracting me, I”m trying to lớn focus!” “Politicians use wedge issues to distract voters from what really matters.”A:1. You sneak into his room while I distract him.2. Clowns are used khổng lồ distract bulls at rodeos khổng lồ give cowboys a chance to get khổng lồ safety.3. There”s no use in trying to distract me. I”m a master when comes to lớn playing Operation.4. He was distracted from his studies.5. The students are easily distracted, especially when they”re tired.6. I was distracted by a loud noise.7. The local story distracted attention from news of the war overseas.

A:distract means to divert someone”s attention to something elseas for disffuse I think you mean “defuse” or “diffuse”defuse means = to lớn remove the fuse from an explosive lớn prevent it from explodingdiffuse means = spread out (first time ive seen this word so i looked it up in the dictionary)A:Distract means to lớn take someone’s attention away from something. For example, He couldn’t bởi his homework because he was distracted by the TV… or The nin-ja threw a stone lớn distract the guards với sneak past. Deflect means to lớn block. The goalie deflected the shot cùng stopped a goal. You can also “deflect” in a conversation with someone: She didn’t want to talk about her love-life, so she deflected the questions by commenting on the weather. Used in the same sentence: The goalie was distracted when a naked fan jumped onto the field, so he failed to lớn deflect the shot. His team lost the game.

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A:These have very similar meanings. “Absent minded” might be a more permanent characteristic of a person”s personality, while “distracted” may be a more temporary state of being.”Soy absent minded” vs “Estoy distracted” might be an appropriate analogy, but my Spanish is not very good.

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A:to a certain degree they are interchangable, however you should be careful of which you use because they can imply very different things. To lớn distract means lớn change ones attention.disturb is similar khổng lồ bother. This is used when something affects the progress of another action negatively.to interupt is to lớn stop an action with another action.examples”you are distracting me from doing my work” would mean that you make me unable khổng lồ concentrate with my work.”you are disturbing my work” would mean that you are making it difficult for my work lớn be completed.”you are bothering me” would mean that you are being annoying và disrupting whatever lặng currently doing.”you are interrupting my work” means that whatever you did is causing my work to halt/stop. Depending on what you use, they can mean differently và if used without caution, can cause misunderstandings. I hope this helps.

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