Draw Attention To Là Gì

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draw1 S1 W1 /drɔː $ drɒː/ BrE AmE verb (past tense drew /druː/, past participle drawn /drɔːn $ drɒːn/) 1. PICTURE to lớn produce a picture of something using a pencil, pen etc: Katie had drawn a cottage with a little stream running next khổng lồ it. She asked the little girl to draw a picture of the man she’d spoken to. Keith was drawing a complicated-looking graph. I’ve never been able to draw very well. Draw somebody something Can you draw me a map of how khổng lồ get there? 2. draw (sb’s) attention to lớn make someone notice something draw (sb’s) attention to I have been asked khổng lồ draw your attention to the following points. A dark house can draw attention to the fact that the house is empty. Draw attention to yourself He didn’t want to lớn draw attention lớn himself. The case drew international attention. 3. draw a conclusion to lớn decide that a particular fact or principle is true according lớn the information you have been given draw a conclusion from It would be unwise to draw firm conclusions from the results of a single survey. REGISTER In everyday English, people usually say reach a conclusion or come lớn a conclusion. 4. draw a comparison/parallel/distinction etc khổng lồ compare two people or things & show how they are similar or different draw a comparison/parallel/distinction etc between The tác giả draws a comparison between East & West Germany and the North-South divide in England. The report draws a distinction between various forms of health care. REGISTER In everyday English, people usually say make a comparison or distinction (but NOT make a parallel). 5. GET A REACTION to get a particular kind of reaction from someone draw something from somebody His remarks drew an angry response from Democrats. Draw praise/criticism The movie drew praise from critics. 6. ATTRACT khổng lồ attract someone or make them want to vị something draw somebody khổng lồ something What first drew you khổng lồ teaching? Beth felt strangely drawn khổng lồ this gentle stranger. The festival is likely to draw huge crowds. vachngannamlong.com. GET SOMETHING YOU NEED lớn get something that you need or want from someone or something draw something from something I drew a lot of comfort from her kind words. Plants draw nourishment from the soil. 8. GIVE INFORMATION be drawn to lớn give information in reply to questions about something: She refused khổng lồ be drawn on the subject. 9. MOVE to move in a particular direction: She drew away, but he pulled her close again. The boat drew alongside us và a man appeared on the deck. I arrived just as the train was drawing into the station. REGISTER In everyday English, people usually use pull rather than draw: ▪ The train was pulling into the station. 10. draw near/closer to become closer in time or space: Maria grew anxious as the men drew closer. Christmas is drawing near. REGISTER In everyday English, people usually say get nearer/closer: ▪ Christmas is getting nearer. 11. draw level khổng lồ move into a position where you are equal to someone else in a race, game, or competition: đen drew màn chơi with the other runners. 12. PULL SOMEBODY/SOMETHING to lớn move someone or something in a particular direction by pulling them gently draw somebody/something aside/up/across etc Bobby drew a chair up lớn the table. Hussain drew me aside to lớn whisper in my ear. Draw the curtains/a blind etc (=close them by pulling them gently) 13. PULL A VEHICLE if an animal draws a vehicle, it pulls it along: a carriage drawn by six horses an ox-drawn cart 14. TAKE SOMETHING OUT to lớn take something out of a container, pocket etc draw something out/from something Ali reached into his pocket & drew out a piece of paper. Draw a gun/sword/weapon etc Maria drew her gun nervously and peered out into the gloom. REGISTER In everyday English, people usually use pull something out or take something out rather than draw something out: ▪ Ali reached into his pocket và pulled out a piece of paper. 15. draw a line (between something) khổng lồ think or show that one thing is different from another: Adolescents often use drugs simply khổng lồ try to draw a line between their own và their parents’ way of life. 16. draw the line (at something) to allow or accept something up to lớn a particular point, but not beyond it: I don’t mind doing some gardening but I draw the line at digging. 1vachngannamlong.com. where vày you draw the line? spoken used to lớn say it is impossible to decide at which point an acceptable limit has been reached: Some say 50 is too old to have a baby, but where do you draw the line? 18. draw a line under something khổng lồ say that something is completely finished and you will not think about it again: I just want to lớn draw a line under the relationship. 19. draw sb’s eye (to something) if something draws your eye, it makes you notice it: My eye was drawn to a painting on the wall. 20. FROM A BANK (also draw out) khổng lồ take money from your bank account SYN withdraw: Hughes had drawn $8,000 in cash from a ngân hàng in Toronto. 21. RECEIVE MONEY to lớn receive an amount of money regularly from a government or financial institution: How long have you been drawing unemployment benefit? I’ll be drawing my pension before he’ll ever get around lớn asking me to marry him! 22. draw a cheque (on something) British English, draw a check (on something) American English khổng lồ write a cheque for taking money out of a particular bank account 23. BREATHE to take air or smoke into your lungs: She drew a deep breath. Ruth paused to lớn draw breath, her voice barely hiding her excitement. He lit his pipe và drew deeply. 24. draw breath lớn find time to have a rest when you are busy: I’ve hardly had a moment lớn draw breath. 25. TAKE LIQUID FROM SOMETHING a) to take a liquid from something such as a ↑barrel or ↑tap b) khổng lồ take water from a ↑well 26. FIRE if a fire or ↑chimney draws, it lets the air flow through khổng lồ make the fire burn well 2vachngannamlong.com. CHOOSE to choose by chance a ticket etc that will win a prize: The winning ticket will be drawn at the Christmas Party. 28. draw lots/straws khổng lồ decide who will vì chưng something by taking pieces of paper out of a container or choosing ↑straws of hidden lengths: We drew lots lớn see who would go first. 29. draw the short straw used lớn say that someone has been unlucky because they were chosen to vày something that no one else wanted khổng lồ do: He drew the short straw and had khổng lồ drive everyone lớn the party. 30. GAME especially British English to finish without either side winning in a trò chơi such as football SYN tie: They drew 3–3. Draw with Liverpool drew with Juventus. 31. be drawn against somebody British English to lớn be chosen by chance lớn play or compete against someone: England have been drawn against France in next month’s game. 32. draw a blank informal to lớn be unsuccessful in finding information or the answer lớn a problem: All his investigations have drawn a blank so far. 33. draw to a halt/stop if a vehicle draws to lớn a halt or stop, it slows down và stops 34. draw khổng lồ a close/end lớn end: Festival-goers began to drift off as the evening drew khổng lồ an end. 35. draw a veil over something lớn deliberately keep something unpleasant or embarrassing from being known: I’d rather draw a veil over what happened last night. 36. draw blood a) khổng lồ make someone bleed: The dog bit her so hard that it drew blood. B) lớn make someone angry or embarrass them in an argument, especially a public one: Barker sought lớn draw blood by mentioning his rival’s weakness of character. 3vachngannamlong.com. draw a bow to bend a ↑bow by pulling back the string in order lớn shoot an ↑arrow 38. SHIP technical if a ship draws a particular depth, it needs that depth of water to float in ⇨ be at daggers drawn at ↑dagger(3) • • • THESAURUS ▪ draw to make a picture, pattern etc using a pen or pencil: The children were asked lớn draw a picture of their families. | I’m going khổng lồ art classes to learn how lớn draw. ▪ sketch /sketʃ/ lớn draw a picture of something or someone quickly and without a lot of detail: Roy took a pencil và sketched the bird quickly, before it moved. ▪ illustrate khổng lồ draw the pictures in a book: It’s a beautiful book, illustrated by Arthur Rackham. ▪ doodle /ˈduːdl/ khổng lồ draw shapes or patterns without really thinking about what you are doing: He was on the phone, doodling on his notepad as he spoke. ▪ scribble to lớn draw shapes or lines without making a definite picture or pattern. Small children vị this before they have learned to draw or write: At the age of two, she loved scribbling with crayons và coloured pencils. ▪ trace khổng lồ copy a picture by putting a piece of thin paper over it & drawing the lines that you can see through the paper: First trace the map, and then copy it into your workbooks. draw back phrasal verb 1. Khổng lồ move backwards, especially because you are frightened or surprised: Suddenly, she drew back, startled. Draw back in horror/shock/fear etc She peeped into the box and drew back in horror. 2. Khổng lồ decide not to bởi something, especially because you think it would be bad for you SYN withdraw draw back from The government drew back from their extreme standpoint. Draw something ↔ down phrasal verb lớn obtain money that it has been agreed that you can borrow, or to lớn use money that has been saved: He drew down the final $25 million of the loan. Draw in phrasal verb 1. British English if the days or nights draw in, it starts khổng lồ get dark earlier in the evening because winter is coming: In October the nights start drawing in. 2. draw somebody ↔ in to lớn get someone involved in something: We should use the demonstration as an opportunity lớn draw more supporters in. Despite himself, he found himself being drawn in by the man’s warmth và ease. 3. draw in your horns British English lớn spend less money because you have financial problems draw somebody into something phrasal verb lớn make someone become involved in something, especially when they vị not want to lớn be involved: He tried khổng lồ draw her into conversation. She found herself drawn into a disagreement between two of her neighbours. Draw something ↔ off phrasal verb to lớn remove some liquid from a larger supply: The cold water is heated as it is drawn off. Draw on phrasal verb 1. draw on/upon something to lớn use information, experience, knowledge etc for a particular purpose: His work draws heavily on learning theories of the 1980s. She has 20 years’ teaching experience to draw on. 2. draw on something to lớn use part of a supply of something such as money: I drew on my savings lớn pay for the repairs. 3. draw on a cigarette/cigar etc to breathe in smoke from a cigarette etc 4. British English formal if a period of time or an event draws on, it comes closer to its end: Winter is drawing on. As the journey drew on, he started khổng lồ feel tired. • • • COLLOCATIONS nouns ▪ draw on somebody"s experience The books have drawn on the experience of practising teachers. ▪ draw on somebody"s knowledge Fortunately I was able to draw on my own knowledge of the law. ▪ draw on somebody"s resources The committee has drawn on the resources và skills of several local people. ▪ draw on somebody"s ideas We hope that we will be able khổng lồ draw on these ideas to lớn develop the work further. ▪ draw on somebody"s expertise (=expert knowledge và experience) Now we can draw on the expertise of some of the most talented network engineers. draw out phrasal verb 1. draw something ↔ out khổng lồ take money from your ngân hàng account 2. draw somebody ↔ out khổng lồ make someone feel less shy & more willing lớn talk: She just needed someone to lớn draw her out & take an interest in her. 3. draw something ↔ out formal lớn mention a particular piece of information và explain it clearly and in detail: There are two major themes khổng lồ be drawn out in this discussion. 4. draw something ↔ out to lớn make an event last longer than usual: The final question drew the meeting out for another hour. ⇨ ↑drawn-out 5. British English if the days or nights draw out, it stays light until later in the evening because summer is coming draw up phrasal verb 1. draw something ↔ up to prepare a written document, such as a danh mục or contract: Draw up a list of all the things you want to do. Draw up plans/proposals He was asked khổng lồ draw up proposals for reforming the law. The contract was drawn up last year. 2. If a vehicle draws up, it arrives somewhere & stops: A xe taxi drew up at the gate. 3. draw up a chair lớn move a chair closer khổng lồ someone or something 4. draw yourself up (to your full height) to stand up very straight because you are angry or determined about something: He drew himself up & said, ‘This has gone far enough’. 5. draw your knees up to bring your legs closer khổng lồ your body: Ruth sat, knees drawn up under her chin, và waited. • • • COLLOCATIONS nouns ▪ draw up a plan/scheme Local authorities have drawn up new plans for waste disposal. ▪ draw up a proposal The European Communities were drawing up proposals to lớn control the export of chemicals.

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▪ draw up a list They drew up a danh mục of suitable candidates for the job. ▪ draw up guidelines A committee of teachers has drawn up guidelines for schools on how to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with difficult students. ▪ draw up a report Environmental organizations have been involved in drawing up the report. ▪ draw up a contract/agreement Some people draw up a contract when they get married. ▪ draw up a timetable/schedule They haven’t yet drawn up a timetable for the elections. ▪ draw up a programme A small team has drawn up a programme of action. ▪ draw up a constitution (=set of laws and principles that govern a country) The first Czech constitution was drawn up here in 1920. ▪ draw up a budget (=plan of how khổng lồ spend the money that is available) Each year business managers draw up a budget.II.draw2 S3 BrE AmE noun 1. The final result of a game or competition in which both teams or players have the same number of points SYN tie: The match ended in a draw. 2. An occasion when someone or something is chosen by chance, especially the winning ticket in a ↑lottery, or the teams who will play against each other in a competition: England has been selected to play Germany in the draw for the first round of the World Cup. 3. British English a competition in which people whose names or tickets are chosen by chance win money or prizes: Congratulations! You have been entered into our £100,000 prize draw! 4. A performer, place, sự kiện etc that a lot of people come khổng lồ see: It is hoped that the new art gallery will be a big draw for visitors. 5. When you breathe in smoke from a cigarette SYN drag: Maltravers took a long draw on his cigarette. ⇨ the luck of the draw at ↑luck1(18), ⇨ quick on the draw at ↑quick1(9) • • • THESAURUS ▪ attraction noun a feature or chất lượng that makes people like, want, or feel interested in something: The excitement is part of the attraction of the job. | For many mothers, the attraction of childcare in the workplace is the chance khổng lồ be near their children. | The idea of living in another country does have a certain attraction. ▪ appeal noun a chất lượng that makes people lượt thích something or someone: Much of Corfu’s appeal lies in its lively night life. | I don’t understand the appeal of this kind of music. ▪ the lure of something noun a very attractive unique that makes you want something very much – often used about something that has a bad effect or influence: It’s hard to resist the lure of credit cards và easy money. | The lure of urban life is especially powerful for the young. ▪ charm noun a pleasant quality that someone or something has that makes people lượt thích them, feel attracted to lớn them, or be influenced by them: He was physically attractive & possessed considerable personal charm. | The book captures Savannah’s old Southern charm perfectly. ▪ glamour noun the attractive và exciting quality that is connected with wealth & success: the glamour of Monte Carlo | Hollywood glamour | The world of modelling is famous for its glitz và glamour.

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▪ draw noun something that makes people want to do something or go somewhere: The money is a big draw for many players. | The island’s main draw is its wonderful beaches.drawhu◎※danh trường đoản cú ■sự kéo; sự vắt gắng, sự cố gắng ■sức quyến rũ, sức hấp dẫn, mức độ lôi cuốn; người dân có sức quyến rũ, vật gồm sức cuốn hút ■sự rút thăm; sự mở số; số trúng ■(thể dục,thể thao) trận đấu hoà ■câu hỏi mẹo (để khai thác ai, cái gì) ■động tác rút súng lục, đụng tác vảy súng lục to be quick on the draw vảy súng cấp tốc ■(từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) phần di động cầm tay của ước cấtngoại hễ từ drew; drawn ■kéo to draw a net kéo lưới to draw the curtain kéo màn to draw a cart kéo xe bò to draw a plough kéo cày ■kéo, lôi kéo, thu hút, cuốn hút to draw somebody aside kéo ai ra một chỗ to draw attention si mê sự chú ý to draw customers cuốn hút được quý khách ■đưa to draw a pen across paper chuyển quản cây bút lên trang giấy to draw one"s hand over one"s eyes đưa tay lên bít mắt ■hít vào to draw a long breath hít một hơi lâu năm ■co rúm, cau lại with drawn face với nét khía cạnh cau lại ■gò (cương ngựa); giương (cung) to draw the rein (bridle) gò cưng cửng ngựa; (nghĩa bóng) tự kềm chế ■kéo theo (hậu quả); chuốc rước (tai hoạ, bực mình...) to draw consequences kéo theo hầu như hậu trái to draw trouble upon oneself chuốc đem điều khó tính vào thân ■kéo ra, nhổ ra, lấy ra, rút ra, hút ra, trích ra, múc ra to draw water from the well kéo nước ngơi nghỉ giếng lên, múc nước sinh sống giếng lên to draw a tooth nhổ răng to draw a nail nhổ đinh with drawn sword gươm rút thoát ra khỏi vỏ, gươm tuốt è cổ to draw blood from the vein trích máu sinh hoạt tĩnh mạch ■rút ra, suy ra, chuyển ra, vun ra, nêu ra to draw a lesson from failure đúc rút một bài học kinh nghiệm từ thất bại to draw conclusions rút ra những tóm lại to draw comparisons gửi ra phần nhiều điểm so sánh; đối chiếu to draw distinctions vun ra (nêu ra) hầu hết điểm biệt lập ■mở (số), rút (thăm); được, trúng (số...) to draw lots mở số to draw a prize trúng số to draw the winner rút thăm trúng ■lĩnh ra, lấy ra, tra cứu thấy làm việc to draw one"s salary lĩnh lương to draw information from... Rước tin tức ở... to draw comfort (consolation) from... Search thấy nguồn yên ủi ở... to draw inspiration from... Search thấy nguồn cảm giác ở... ■(đánh bài) moi to draw all the trumps moi tất cả những quân bài chủ của đối thủ, làm cho cho kẻ thù điêu đứng bởi hết quân cờ chủ ■moi ra (lòng gà...), móc ra, moi hết, làm cạn hanged, drawn và quartered bị treo cổ, moi gan cùng phanh thây (tội nhân) calf draws cow bò nhỏ bú cạn sữa bò cái to draw fowl mổ moi lòng con gà ■pha (trà), rút mang nước cốt to draw the tea trộn trà ■(săn bắn) sục (bụi rậm) tìm kiếm thú săn ■kéo dài to draw wire kéo dài sợi dây thép ■vẽ, vạch, dựng lên, thảo ra; biểu đạt (bằng lời) to draw a straight line vun một con đường thẳng to draw a portrait vẽ một bức chân dung to draw a plan dựng lên một kế hoạch, thảo ra một chiến lược to draw a furrow vun một luống cày ■viết (séc) lĩnh tiền to draw a cheque on a banker viết séc lĩnh tiền ở một chủ ngân hàng ■hoà, ko phân được hơn thua to draw a game with someone hoà một cuộc chiến với ai a drawn trò chơi trận đấu hoà a drawn battle trận đánh đấu ko phân được rộng thua, trận đánh bất phân thắng bại ■(hàng hải) chìm xuống (bao nhiêu mét); gồm mức chìm (bao nhiêu mét) the ship draws two meters con tàu gồm mức chìm nhị mét ■(thể dục,thể thao) bạt xiên (quả láng crikê); tiến công (quả nhẵn gôn) trái sang tráinội rượu cồn từ ■kéo; kéo ra, lấy ra, rút ra ■hấp dẫn, lôi cuốn, bao gồm sức say mê the play still draws vở kịch còn có sức thu hút, vở kịch còn hấp dẫn người coi ■thông (lò sưởi, ống khói...) ■ngấm nước cốt (trà,,,) ■(hàng hải) căng gió (buồm) ■kéo đến, túm tụm đến, bị hấp dẫn đến, bị thu hút đến to draw round somebody xúm xít kéo cho quanh ai ■đi to draw towards the door đi về phía cửa to draw khổng lồ an over (a close) đi mang đến chỗ chấm dứt ■vẽ ■(hàng hải) trở (gió) the wind draws aft gió trở thuận ■(thương nghiệp) ((thường) + on, upon) lấy tiền ở, rút chi phí ra to draw upon one"s banker lấy tiền sinh hoạt chủ bank ■(nghĩa bóng) ước đến, dựa vào cậy đến, gợi cho to draw on one"s memory nhờ đến trí nhớ, gợi đến trí lưu giữ ■(thể dục,thể thao) dẫn (trong cuộc đua chiến mã thi...) to draw ahead đứng vị trí số 1 to draw away lôi đi, kéo đi (thể dục,thể thao) vứt xa to draw back kéo lùi, đơ lùi rút lui (không thao tác gì, không thâm nhập trận đấu...) to draw down kéo xuống (màn, mành, rèm...) hít vào, hút vào (thuốc lá...) gây ra (cơn tức giận...) to draw in thu vào (sừng, móng sắc...) kéo vào, lôi kéo vào (một trào lưu nào...) xuống dần, xế chiều, tàn (ngày); ngày càng ngắn thêm một đoạn (những ngày liên tiếp) to draw off rút (quân đội); thoái lui lấy ra, kéo ra, rút ra... (rượu vào thùng..., giầy ống...) làm lạc (hướng chú ý...) to draw on dẫn tới, mang lại đeo (găng...) vào quyến rũ, hấp dẫn tới ngay gần spring is drawing on mùa xuân tới ngay gần (thể dục,thể thao) đuổi kịp, đuổi theo kịp (trong cuộc chạy đua) (thương nghiệp) rút chi phí ra cầu đến, dựa vào đến, gợi mang lại to draw out nhổ ra kéo ra, rút ra, lấy ra kéo lâu năm (bài nói, bài bác viết...); lâu năm ra (ngày) (quân sự) biệt phái (một 1-1 vị...); dàn hàng, dàn trận khai thác, moi ra (một điều bí mật); khiến cho (ai) nói ra, khiến cho (ai) biểu lộ ra vẽ ra, thảo ra to draw out a plan thảo ra một planer to draw up kéo lên, rút lên; múc (nước...) lên (động tự phãn thân) khổng lồ draw oneself up đứng thẳng đơ, đứng ngay đơ (quân sự) sắp quân lính thành hàng, dàn hàng thảo (một văn kiện) (+ with) bắt kịp, đuổi kịp, theo kịp đỗ lại, dừng lại (xe) the carriage drew up before the door xe con ngữa đỗ lại sinh hoạt trước cửa ngõ (+ to) lại gần, tới sát to draw up khổng lồ the table lại ngay gần bàn to draw a bead on (xem) bead to draw blank lùng sục chẳng thấy thú săn nào, không săn được nhỏ nào; (nghĩa bóng) không nhằm nhè gì, không được gì to draw the long bow (xem) bow to draw one"s first breath sinh ra to draw one"s last breath trút khá thở cuối cùng, bị tiêu diệt to draw the cloth dọn bàn (sau khi ăn xong) to draw it fine (thông tục) quá bỏ ra ly, chẻ tua tóc làm tư to draw to lớn a head chín (mụn nhọt...) to draw in one"s horns thu sừng lại, teo vòi lại; (nghĩa bóng) bớt vênh váo, giảm lên phương diện ta phía trên to draw a line at that làm tới mức như vậy thôi; nhận đến mức như vậy thôi to draw the line ngừng lại (ở một số lượng giới hạn nào) không ai đi xa hơn thế nữa draw it mild! (xem) mild to draw one"s pen against somebody viết đả kích ai to draw one"s sword against somebody tấn công ai to draw an analogy, a comparison, a parallel between sth và sth so sánh vật gì với cái gì at daggers drawn with sb đối chọi, thù nghịch to draw sb"s attention to sth lưu ý ai về điều gì to draw a distinction between sth & sth phân biệt rõ vật gì với cái gì to draw stumps (môn crickê) nhổ cọc mang đến biết xong cuộc chơi to draw sb"s teeth làm mang đến trở đề nghị vô hại to draw oneself up lớn one"s full height vươn thẳng bạn to draw a veil on sth không nhắc đến điều gì (do tế nhị)