Enjoy Là Gì

something you say khổng lồ someone when you have given that person something và you want them khổng lồ enjoy it:

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Many of these large, horizontally-integrated enterprises enjoyed the economic power và legal autonomy lớn dominate key sectors of the labor market.
The term "international thought" has not enjoyed a currency comparable to that of "political thought".
Married men, by contrast, lived orderly lives và enjoyed a happy existence because of their families" kindness & attention.
The sovereign must decide what to vị in order to lớn restore the normality the community enjoyed prior lớn the crisis.
Both of these effects disappear if there is proportional congestion, = 0, when in equilibrium the agent enjoys his individual share of the public good.
Few admitted that the upper-class existence that they all enjoyed was, in the empire as elsewhere, shaped and textured by unfree labor.
Many have enjoyed relatively long tenures raising livestock on their farms, with little or no offfarm income.
A small number of rural inhabitants (9%) enjoys coverage under government insurance, labor insurance, and private health insurance.
They resided in private bedrooms, sometimes accompanied by family members, dined with the doctors in the plush hall, & enjoyed a rich recreational program.

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