Ensure Là Gì

< + two objects > Their 2–0 victory today has ensured the Italian team a place in the Cup Final/ensured a place in the Cup Final for the Italian team.

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The regulations that stem from the consensus ensure a peer-review scientific process so that the science is as good as any system can guarantee.
Random assignment would ensure that all unmeasured confounding factors were equally distributed between comparison groups.
The desired client profiles had been established a priori to lớn ensure that a broad range of clients would be recruited.
The remaining funds of (1xb) must be invested in the riskless asset khổng lồ ensure that the total position is riskless.
Through this envelop, it is ensured that object is first surrounded by the robots before making the form closure grasp.
It will also ensure patients are considered for current lymphoma studies, which are aimed khổng lồ improve the management of these patients.
Coherence can be partially ensured if different semantic identities are based on similar structural characteristics.
They are assumed lớn save during working periods to lớn ensure they have sufficient income when not working.

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It was also necessary to ensure that for each picture there were sufficient words selected to lớn describe the events.
Ultimately, this victory was not ensured by the persuasive nature of the new dimensions of the bloc"s political discourse.
They favored the creation of strong central bureaucratic authorities lớn ensure that the new agglomerations of private power nguồn operated ultimately in the public interest.
This ensures local stakeholder buy-in & that we vị not invest in technology that is unlikely to lớn be adopted.



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