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Also, an exploring robot will be more easily put lớn work than one that needs to lớn be supplied with a ready-made floor plan.
The robot"s perception of local topology agrees with the author"s estimation, shown overlaid on the building floor plan.
They found a trang chủ that had a similar floor plan and decor lớn his own, và reported that he had settled in quite comfortably.
Considering the simplest case, a single room, a floor plan specifying the position of each cabinet is par t of the configuration.
They can also be computed from a design: the distance between the street và a front door can be computed from a floor plan, for example.
note how even the floor plan of the unit where the husband of the speaker resided before his death và level-of-care differences discursively encourage contrasting bodily elaboration.
The vast majority of tall buildings since then have been designed as either vertical extrusions of an efficient floor plan, or stand-alone pieces of high-rise urban "sculpture".
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a person or organization whose job is to lớn keep works of art, important buildings, or valuable cultural objects in good condition

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