Majority Là Gì

in an election, the difference in the number of votes between the winning person or group & the one that comes second:

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A majority is also the difference in the number of votes in an election between the winning person or group và the one that has the second highest number:
Improved economic conditions for the majority have led to lớn big increases in ownership of consumer goods, cars, houses, và clothing.
vast/overwhelming/great majority (of sth) The vast majority of tickets are sold through the website.

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the difference between the number of votes received by a political party, group, etc. That wins an election or discussion & the parties or groups that lose:
by a majority of sth khổng lồ sth A recent poll found that voters were in favor of the resolution by a majority of 71% khổng lồ 24%.
clear/comfortable/large majority The chairman must continue taking votes until one nominee has a clear majority.

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used lớn refer lớn the situation when a person or organization owns more shares in a company than any other shareholder, và enough khổng lồ be in control of the company:
Profits have soared, thanks in part lớn the company"s majority ownership of the country"s most successful newspaper group.
Services could lower price to lớn better match what the vast majority of likely customers are willing lớn pay.
và that"s good for everyone -- minorities, majorities, consumers, businesses, and society at large.?
The vast majority of all the technical knowhow, political will, education & financing is in the temperate world.
Despite the fact that nearly half of the dreams or visions occurred during sleep, the overwhelming majority of patients said that they felt real.