set the record straight

set the record straight see phối straight.

set the record straight

To make the true facts of something clear, especially when they have been previously mistaken, misunderstood, or misrepresented. There have been a lot of crazy rumors flying around for the last few days, so I"d lượt thích to set the record straight once and for all.Learn more: record, set, straight

set the record straight

Fig. To lớn put right a mistake or misunderstanding; to make sure that an account, etc., is correct. The manager thought Jean was to blame, but she soon phối the record straight. Jane"s mother heard that Tom is a married man, but he mix the record straight.

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He"s divorced.Learn more: record, set, straight

set the record straight


put the record straight

COMMON If you set the record straight
or put the record straight, you state that something that has been said or written is wrong and then correct the mistake. A company seeing wrong information about itself in a report may struggle khổng lồ set the record straight. I am amazed at the rubbish written about my alleged lack of fitness. Let me put the record straight.Learn more: record, set, straight

put/set the ˈrecord straight

(informal) give a correct version, explanation of events, facts, etc. Because you think somebody has made a mistake: I think there has been some misunderstanding so I’d lượt thích to phối the record straight.Learn more: put, record, set, straightLearn more:Dictionary
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