Silent là gì

literary It was four o"clock in the morning và the streets were as silent as the grave (= completely silent).

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Apart from his work the governance perspective is relatively silent about how & why social welfare is achieved.
Instead, it is a matter of how such a sequence is unproblematic within broadly "silent" concurrent activities.
Despite detailed analyses, only one of the pause variables, silent pause length, was significantly different over the three elicitation times.
Therefore, people living in endemic areas should be screened for this clinically silent disease since early treatment may be beneficial.
Another of the volume"s shortcomings is that it is silent on the overall question of whether a nation"s pension fund commands sufficient assets.
All of these, using masks, transformed the empty stage into a sacred grove, the "silent, waiting glade".
Multiplying instances of such deadlocks builds up a stifling atmosphere in the text, crushing the reasonable reader"s silent replies.
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