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< U > fml At that time, the secretary of state followed the vice president in line of presidential succession (= the order of taking over a position of authority).
the process by which someone takes an official position or job after someone else has been doing it:
She"s worked with the board of directors lớn craft a succession plan that started a couple of years ago.
The last thing you want to vày is introduce a succession of lovers to your kids--even if they are adults.
The supreme leader is viewed as above criticism, but talk of the succession is growing and has received some level of official blessing.
Development software lets employees learn new skills, and a succession planning system helps businesses determine who to lớn promote.
Her life since has been a succession of brutally hard lessons, compromises, & eventually betrayals.
The fencing segment resembles speed-dating, with each athlete facing all rivals in a succession of minute-long bouts.
It didn"t help that my eyepiece was a little foggy, the result of several demos in quick succession.
Some of the teens hit with their fists in rapid succession while others of the group looked on & recorded it on their cell phones.

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Most estate & succession planning is done privately with farmers working closely with accountants, lawyers or other individuals.
Departments should engage in succession planning that allows longtime employees to tóm tắt their knowledge và mentor younger workers, according to the controller.
Overlaying these three primary màu sắc fields on đứng đầu of each other in rapid succession tricked the eye into seeing a full-color image.
I personally think the stable development mã sản phẩm is not one of continual incremental improvements, but a succession of overshooting và crashing.
A succession of asset bubbles & financial crises in the 1990s and 2000s further undermined the country"s economic growth.



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