to improve the unique or usefulness of something, or change it for something newer or of a better standard:
to give someone something of a better standard, or newer, for example a better seat on a plane or a better room in a hotel:
If your reserved oto isn"t available, most rental oto companies will tăng cấp you to the next form size car at no additional charge.

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an occasion when someone is given something of a better standard, or newer, for example a better seat on a plane, a better room in a hotel, or a new phone:
to improve the quality or usefulness of something, or to raise something or someone khổng lồ a higher position or rank:
to give a person a more important job or to lớn state that their job is more important than it was before:
to state that something such as a company is likely to produce more profit or growth, khổng lồ be better able khổng lồ pay back debt, etc. Than was previously thought:
upgrade a forecast/outlook/expectation Analysts had hoped to lớn upgrade their earnings forecasts for the group.

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upgrade a rating/status The retailer"s stock hit a 52-week high after Morgan Stanley upgraded its rating on the company.
In this way any existing and newly developed variation could be beneficially exploited, in order lớn either avoid gradual degeneration or even upgrading the cultivar.
Access to the new camp would have required the road along the lake khổng lồ be upgraded, & a bridge built across a river.
Although cochlear implant devices now have high reliability, there will be some equipment failures over & above our provisions for procession upgrades và electrical maintenance.
Volunteers collect old computers which are upgraded for use in nursing homes and assisted-living centres.
The system also calculates parametric changes of function parameters other than upgrading parameters as potential side effects.